Chanctonbury Ring Morris Men
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Firstly here in our gallery of photographs and videos, is our Facebook feed. This is where you can generally find the most recent photographs we have taken, and that people have put up on Facebook for us. Sometimes they can be less than flattering, but that’s a small price to pay for the currency that Facebook offers here.

If you have recently taken some pictures of us, but don’t have the ability to add them to facebook, please email them to our photogaffer by clicking on this link, and he will try to add them in a timely fashion.

Below the Facebook feed you will find further links and photos…….

Many of our favourite photos, over the years, have gone into our scrapbooks, which predate the general availability of the Internet, but Clive Funnell, one of our members who produces much of our publicity for us (pubgaffer?), has kindly scanned many of the originals from the scrapbooks, and you can see them cycling around below.

We are indebted to the efforts of many over the years who have contributed to, and compiled, these scrapbooks, but most recently to Cliff Marchant who has spent much time and personal effort in completing this work.

Hover over the scrapbook to see some controls which will enable you to find your way around.

Our Scrapbook from 1953 to 1974

Our Scrapbook from 1975 to 1993

Our scrapbook from 1993 to 2003

We have embedded many of our favourite photographs and some videos throughout this website, so by exploring the site you will find lots of examples of the events at which we dance regularly, and some ‘one-offs’.

In addition several of our regular audience members photograph us and have their own websites where they display photographs of us or of events in which we participate.

If you would like to suggest such a site that you own, maintain, or have found, please email the link to the Webgaffer for consideration for inclusion here, with an appropriate credit for your work.

Several such links are shown here, with grateful thanks to all photographers:

David Ball kindly took hundreds of photographs at our Boxing Day 2007 performances.

Roz South frequently photographs us at events in the Lewes area, and one of her collections of photographs is here.

Martin Beddall has a blog with photos of May Day 2013 on top of Chanctonbury Ring here.

A professional video was made of us a couple of years ago, and after you’ve watched the ‘trailer’ on the right, you might want to go to the website of Morris Dancers of England, to buy a copy of the DVD…


Our scrapbook from 2004 to 2020