Chanctonbury Ring Morris Men
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CRMM SUMMER ‘22 “Dancing Again” Update

WE’RE BACK AND OUT FOR A FULL SEASON’S DANCING!   Mostly on Wednesday evenings, but with a number of other events to which we’ve been invited in our programme for 2022…  Come and find us - look on the programme pages or print your own copy from the link above.

We danced out in public for the first time in 20 months (Since Apple Howling in January 2020) as guests of BRIDPORT FOLK FESTIVAL, in mid-August 2021.

A wonderful set of photos has come in from Helen and Stephen Jones, of Dorsetbays Photography, a few of which we are showing here with our grateful thanks.

Welcome to our Website.

Our programme for dancing out in public during 2022 is out now - click on the Programme 2022 link above, or…

Our Photogaffer is always pleased to receive any pictures or videos you have taken at our events, just email or use WeTransfer for larger files or numbers!

CRMM Programme 2022 final 220504.pdf

…If you would like to download a copy of our programme, to print at home (or at work!) to attach to the fridge, or send to a loved one as a token of your esteem please click on the image to the right and your wish will be granted!


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