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Chanctonbury Ring Morris Men

This year, our sponsors,  who help out with the costs of our printed programme, are:

Welcome to our Website.

Our programme for dancing out in public during 2016 is well under way, but if our plans change we’ll be updating the programme pages.

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May Day

One of our oldest and most long-standing members is JOHN GODDARD. He’s pictured here receiving his long service award of an engraved glass tankard on Good Friday, just before the Long Rope Skipping started. John can still be seen out with us on many events during the year - he’s the one collecting in our Sussex Trug. Stop and have a chat to him if you have a moment to spare.

Our usual celebrations on the top of Chanctonbury Ring, after which we were named over sixty years ago, were a little later than usual, as it was a Sunday!

Still the unexpected bonus was a much larger turnout of audience than we get for our more usual 7am start. Here are some photos of the Ring and the dancing. After breakfasting at The Fountain, Ashurst, we moved on to Shoreham for more dancing before retiring to the pub to rehydrate.

Mayday…… Mayday…..


Our next public performances during July and August are as below:

For other dates see the programme pages