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Chanctonbury Ring Morris Men have undertaken many private bookings over the years, including, but not limited to, Fetes, Garden Parties, Corporate Events, Private functions, Stag Weekends, Christenings, Weddings and Funerals (no Bar Mitzvahs so far). We have also appeared on TV in several programmes, and, of course, that infamous Butter Commercial!

Several groups have also asked us to train them for a particular occasion, to enable them to provide their audience with authentic Morris Dancing. With sufficient notice we are very happy to carry out such training, which we can offer at very little cost to some (e.g. Scouts, Guides or Schools), but usually charge a more realistic amount for ‘difficult’ ones, such as Stag parties, which present unusual challenges!

If you would like to try to book our services, please bear in mind that, like other Morris sides, our programme for the year was planned from the previous October, and settled by early February in any given year. All the men will have their own family and work commitments fitted around the programme, and it is unlikely that we will be able to provide a side (eight to ten men plus musicians) at short notice for your event, so please plan ahead by asking us in good time.

That said, we can sometimes make exceptions, for example for events of national importance, or film or TV companies, where the men are often prepared to adjust their busy personal lives to accommodate a booking at short notice when a significant fee is available!

If you would like to book us please email the Bagman via this link. Please give as much detail as possible: date, time and location, but also what type of event it is, and the duration of the part you would like us involved in.